Referral and Loyalty Program


Referral Program

If you refer a friend to Renew Consulting and that individual is interviewed, you will get a small gift (probably a candy bar with a “thank you” note) at your next staff meeting. Whether or not your referral is hired (as long as they are interviewed) we want to say “Thank You” for making the effort to provide us with an opportunity to interview that person. We will be tracking this by providing a referral form for the individual to fill out during their interview time. If you and another employee were to both refer the same person, only one of you would eligible to receive the benefit of the referral bonus and you are only eligible to receive this so long as you are an employee of Renew Consulting. So…if you want to get the benefits of the referral bonus, get the interviewee to write down your name, instead of the other person’s!

If your referred friend makes it to six months of employment, you and they will both receive a $200.00 bonus on the paycheck following that milestone! Does two hundred bucks for getting someone else to apply and do the work sound good? Great! Because if the person that you referred hangs in there for one year, you will get another two hundred dollars! The referred person won’t get that second bonus, but hopefully they have done a great job over the course of their first year and will have the opportunity for a merit increase at their first performance review.

It is also important to keep in mind that there is no limit to the number of people that you can refer! If you refer one person that continues to work for us for a year, you get a candy bar and two bonuses of $200.00 (six months, one year). If you refer 10 people that all get interviewed, well, you may start getting sick of chocolate, because that’s 10 candy bars! If they get hired and work for at least six months, that’s 10 bonuses x 200 bucks! You could wind up with a total of $4,000.00 in referral bonus money if you and all ten of your people continue employment for at least a year; all you have to do is get them to put your name on the form that they will be provided at their interview!
Start getting people to fill out those applications, so you can start moving toward getting that extra bit of cash in your pocket (of course, Uncle Sam is going to take his cut first!).



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